Thursday, July 23, 2009

21st Centuary Learning

Wow I have been blown away with 21st century learning. The more I fumble my way through this learning journey, I seem to feel so left behind in this innovative world.
I think for us as a nation it is not that we have had our head buried in the sand it is the fact we a fairly young country and the infrastructure has been put in place only to be super succeeded over and over. I am sure the government bodies and private enterprise are trying their best to fix the problem but the world and its technologies are changing so fast that they cannot keep up. Also our population is only small compared to those countries that are so techno savvy.
Even though there is so much technology out there and we are unable to access some of it in the classroom we must continue to teach our students the fundamentals of literacy so they can learn how to read and validate the information they will receive from the net in the future.
I am pleased to say that I am actually becoming a 'Computer Nerd'.

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