Thursday, July 23, 2009

Google Reader

I finally worked out what an RSS feeder was - 'Really simple Syndication'. Basically it helps us keep up with new information that is happening on the web, and let's face it there is a lot going on.
One way of dealing with all this as I have just discovered is the use of Google reader :) So from what I can gather is that, instead of using all my time to look at sites individually to see if they have any new postings that interest me, I can subscribe which links these sites and my Google Reader account. I can then access and read all these new postings from one page. It also allows me to mark or tag which ones I have read, highlight others which I have found interesting and email to other connections I have. As this was my first encounter with Google Reader I found it to be user friendly and if you have experience with email accounts I found this application very similar.
I have been thinking of a way I would use this in the classroom and as I am currently teaching Prep I find this difficult. One way I thought of (maybe not for Prep) would be to use this as a tool for monitoring my students' blog posts. I am not aware of any other tools that you would you for this ? I am sure there are a bundle of them out there, I am just not aware. Can anyone tell me?
You can access Google reader by pasting the following link in your browser
Till next time 'Blog it'


  1. Hiya Melody,
    I to have been checking out all the facilities available through the google account. I'm teaching a year 7 class and would love for them to be able to set up blogs, but I am concerned about cyberbullying and what would be the best secure environment for them to do this and so I could monitor their progress. Another problem that I am facing is that some students are far more advanced than me, so I'm trying to learn from them. I'm having a meeting with the ICT teacher on Monday so hopefully some of my questions will be answered. I'll keep you posted(haha) on what I find out.
    Stay happy & healthy,

  2. G'day Melody,
    Nice post, you have explained things really well which has helped my learning too!
    Keep up the good work!


  3. Hi Mandy,
    Yes being a Digital Immigrant is somewhat difficult when you are a trying to teach Digital Natives about e-tools. How did you go with your meeting with the ICT teacher. Were you able to find out about cyber bullying? There is a great website called Cyberbullying found at This would be great to show the students before they started on any collaborative e-tool.

  4. Hi Stuart,
    Thanks for your positive comments. One thing I have learnt from this blog is how much information is shared and learnt from each other. It is a great tool.
    Good luck with your blog