Monday, July 13, 2009

As I sit here wondering where it all started on my technological journey I realise I have been on that journey since the 70's when Dad brought home a 6" Movie Camera..... I would help him edit and cut our home movies and also be in charge of the rewind and pause lever when the whole family came together to watch them on the kitchen wall, complete with no sound and the flicker of dust throughout the film. Just like the old surf movies at the local hall :) After that came the push button phone that attached to the wall, VCR player and Microwave, I figured we must have been rich to have all this new upmarket stuff.... Then in grade 7/8 we got introduced to a computer at school. I think the teachers were even scared of the technology. We had to learn all these codes and then type them in using the absolute correct sequence such as :://a*_//{ } and so on to get some sort of reaction out of the box and believe me it was a box with a tiny little black and white screen... Not sure if I learned anything other than how to turn it on and off to be honest.
So here I am now I have a flat screen computer, which I sit in front of everyday full of so many programs I wonder how my brain keeps up. There is Word, Excel, Internet,Google, Face book, Twitter, Skype, My space, Email, VOIP ..... aaaaahhhhhhhh
I am lost without my Ipod, CD player, Digital 40" Flat Screen, DVD, portable DVD, Play station, Wii, DS lite, Mobile Phone with internet access the list goes on and on...I have become so immersed in technology of the 21st century I don't know if I would cope without it..... So if your game come with me as we check out even more technology that is appearing and being upgraded almost everyday...


  1. Hi Melody,

    Loved this post. My partner and I were just talking about the changes in technology the other day. How I went from having my really cool walkman, to my parents being "rich" because they could buy a computer, to the ridiculous number of gadgets and electronics that now occupy my home, and that I could not possibly live without LOL! Loved the post!

  2. Hi Melody,

    Quite amusing isn't that the tenticles of technology can creep up on you in every aspect your life without you realising. You can (as I do) label yourself a 'technology dinnosaur' not realising that probably in last 48 hours, you have actually used and mastered a handful of technologies that were'nt even around 10 years ago.


  3. I remember my Dad bringing home a betta video player thinking we had the best and then in the next year being so disappointed at the 20 betta movies we had to choose from when the walls were covered in VHS. I used to love my walkman too but it so much more convenient now with ipods not having to carry 20 cassette tapes around in your bag. How did we do it???????

  4. Hi Melody,

    Someone was described technology to me as the creation of an item that eases the users life or lifestyle, not neccesarily electrical but something as simple as a cigarette lighter to replace matches. However, having noted that... I remember when I was a kid in the 80's and my Uncle was the coolest. He had a remote control for his television, the remote was plugged into a jack in the tv via a long cord.