Sunday, August 16, 2009

File Storage

Digital media has changed and we are now storing our photos, powerpoints, worksheets to name a few. Our files are getting bigger and bigger therefore we need more storage space on our computers. File storage sites like Mediafire allows you to upload files,up to 100MB per file, and store them away from your hard drive for free. MediaFire do offer a professional package designed for professionals and business with excessive large files however a fee is charged. 'MediaFire also allows you to store all your files online for easy secure access and enables you to distribute large files to hundreds or thousands of people without clogging in-boxes or bogging down your website'(MediaFire, 2009). I think this is a great tool for anyone who has a computer as we all dislike it when our systems slow down. So by uploading our files else where we colud speed up our systems and also have another backup of our files:)
You can access some templates I have uploaded that I use for Uni at
Siemens (2005) states "Learning can reside outside of ourselves (within an organization or a database), is focused on connecting specialized information sets, and the connections that enable us to learn more are more important than our current state of knowing." Therefore students could also access secure files from any computer either in or out of school. I am yet to check weather you could use this in Education Queensland schools.


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