Saturday, August 1, 2009

Voki Avatars

Hi all,
Well I never new I could have so much fun with a virtual person her name is Sam. My children even sent their cousin a koala- gram for his birthday using this application. Which was very user friendly considering they are only 8 years old. The Voki website is great and of course free, so it is a great place to start and learn about this E-tool. I realised you can only add a small amount of text to the application so I went searching for another application. I discovered Oddcast another E-tool application that is not free. I did sign up knowing that I would get 15 days free subscription and then I could cancel before I was charged the $20US per month. This particular one gives you alot more variety and you can add alot more text. This site is definately worth a look at .
Voki Avatars definatley have a place in educating digital natives (students) of today as promotes a sense of connecting with their virtual world. They can also add to the engagement of online learning for these students who are becoming more and more a networked student. Connectivism according to Siemens (2005) discusses how students of today are learning more through their network of other learners on line. These students are connected through online E-tools and can share information via these sites. Voki Avatars could be used in the virtual classroom site as the teacher or instructor to help facilitate the learning journey.
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Siemens (2005) Connectivim: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age. Retrieved 2 August, 2009 from

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