Friday, August 14, 2009


Multiple Choice Quizzes offer the Learning Manager a number of advantages in the classroom. Some of these advantages include dismissing the use of paper based tests and offering the students a formative learning resource online. You can also structure these tests so the students can practice as many times as you like, this allows some students to be or become successful. Good and Brophy (1990,p.187) state that "practicing or rehearsing improves retention especially when it is distributed practice. By distributing practices the learner associates the material with many different contexts rather than the one context afforded by mass practice"
Oliver (1999) designed a learning framework which describes the best way for students to learn online. There are three elements that can guide the learning experience for students, particularly ICT learning experiences. These three element include: learning tasks, resources and support. Online quizzes can offer all of these elements provided the Learning Manager has appropriately designed the quizzes according to the particular unit.
The fantastic thing I believe about online testing is that they can be marked online automatically, saving the Learning Manager valuable time at home painstakingly marking. As I am currently in a Prep class I am not sure how I would be able to use this tool in class as a lot of my students cannot read. I did design a quiz as a chance to see how easy it was to prepare just click on the link if you dare Take our online test
I will however be able to use this online assessment tool for future classes in the lower and upper primary grades.

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