Saturday, August 15, 2009


Podcasts and Vodcasts are so popular these days in our busy world. Postcasting means we do not have to rely on tradtional media such as the television or radio at set times to listen to shows. The following YouTube by Lee Lefever explains podasts in the simplest terms:

I was not sure how Podcasts worked until I saw this YouTube clip. I now have an understanding of how podasts/vodcasts are either a audio or video file that is uploaded and then downloaded from anywhere at anytime for playback on a computer or any other playback device such as a ipod/mp3 player. I have since subscribed to various Podcasts relating to Education K-12.
According to a study by Stansbury (2008) of existing research it has been found that multimodal learning supports a notion that already has begun to transform instruction in schools across the globe. Multimodal learning uses different modes and strategies that cater to individual learners' needs and capabilities.
Hooked on Phonics is a Vodcast which could be used as a different form of teaching to introduce new letters and sounds in a Prep classroom. This would be an engaging tool that the students could see and hear. This could be used along side other forms of teaching the sounds in class therefore making it a multimodal way of learning phonics.

Stansbury, M (2008)Analysis: How multimedia can improve learning. Computer references cited 15 August, 2009 at

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  1. Hi Melody,

    I to think Podcasts are an excellent way to engage younger students when learning phonics. I have been trying to think of something different for weeks but was unable to find anything interesting. I will defiantly be using this for on my year one class as I take a different phonics lesson every Monday.