Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flickr and Creative Commons

A Rainbow Sunset
Originally uploaded by Senrab4
I love Flickr and all it has to offer. It is very easy to use although for a digital immigrant (Prensky, 2001) as there are not a lot of instructions to follow. I think you just need the courage to have a look around the site .You can use Flickr to organize your photos, share your photos with friends and family online, form a group, look at other peoples photos and creativity.
There is so much content available on this site and the images are endless. Take a look at the beautiful sunset taken at the old pier Bridport, Tasmania uploaded by Senrab4. To get this photo I searched sunsets and up they popped, of course you must be aware of copyright when you are using someones photo.
Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that offers online users flexible copyright management tools for original work. They offer a variety of licences that creators can apply to manage their copyright in the online environment. Each tool offers its own specific protections and freedoms. The tools available are all free and take the hassle out of the traditional copyright laws (Creative Commons, nd).
One thing is for sure I will be spending my spare time trying to upload all my photos onto this storage space to free my computer memory, although unless I pay the $24.95 per month I will be only allowed to upload 100MB per month.
I am not sure whether you could access this program within Education Queensland Schools however as a Learning Manager I will be keeping my eye on this site as there are so many creative photos that I will be sure to use in my class, of course using the correct copyright laws.

Take a look


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